2021 Virtual Davos لمناقشة العملات المشفرة و CBDC

The World Economic Forum this year will attract the attention of the entire cryptosphere. Top of the agenda in the meeting will be the development of the cryptcurrency industry

The conference in 2021 will be held in virtual mode (Virtual Davos). The Governor of the Central Bank of England Andrew Bailey and Chief Executive of Western Union Hikmet Ersek will participate in the discussion of digital currency on the first day of the prestigious summit.

The participants plan to discuss the weakening of fiat money and the emergence of CBDC. The discussion is expected to present a set of policies to make the best use of cryptocurrencies.

Bailey speaks positively about cryptocurrencies. In his September speech, he noted that while Bitcoin cannot be a means of payment, private regulated stablecoins are quite appropriate to stabilise the financial industry.

This is not the first time that cryptocurrency has attracted the attention of participants in the World Economic Forum. This is one of the hot topics on the agenda that will remain so for the next decade.