ETF البرازيلية المشفرة تجمع 112.25 مليون دولار

A Hashdex spokesperson posted a statement saying that hasH11 ETF attracted 615.25 million reais in the initial placement

This phase ended on Thursday, April 22. A total of 12,305,014 quotas were allocated to cover more than 28.3 thousand requests for the HASH11 ETF index fund. They were hardly enough, as there was a high demand. 

The results of the initial placement broke all records. Instead of an estimated 250 million reais, 150% more was raised. This is not surprising, because in Brazil there is a growing interest in cryptocurrencies.

The official listing of HASH11 on the Brazilian Stock Exchange (B3 S.A) is scheduled for Monday, April 26. This is an important day for the cryptocurrency industry. After all, investments in ETFs are often chosen by institutional investors.

They strengthen the position of cryptocurrencies in the market. However, according to Hashdex, 78% of ETF requests in the first stage came from individuals.

The index fund was approved in March 2021. The local regulator CVM took into account all the prospects of this investment instrument and issued permission to launch an ETF with six currencies.

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