40٪ من عملاء ماستركارد مهتمون بالعملات المشفرة

In a survey conducted by analysts at Mastercard, there is a growing interest among customers not just in biometrics and the use of contactless payments but also in everything related to cryptocurrencies.

40% of interviewed people told Mastercard that they intend to purchase digital currency to use it as a means of payment in the future. That being said, most of these people intend to do so during this year.

For a more extensive collection of statistics among its customers, Mastercard asked more than 15,000 people to take part in a poll in 18 countries of the world. Millennials are exceptionally interested in cryptocurrency 77% of them are interested in digital currency and want to know as much more about them. Furthermore, 75% replied they would have already used a new type of asset if they had a better understanding of how to work with it.

The pandemic was able to affect not only the format of life but also the way of thinking of people, changing its course towards the digitalization of payments. 93% of those surveyed by Mastercard said that they began to take a closer look at and use innovative financial technologies (for example, contactless payments) precisely due to the coronavirus. Because almost everything from food delivery to buying technology has been moved to the format of home delivery and online payment.

One of the directors of Mastercard clarified that they intend to introduce all types of payments, including cryptocurrencies. In addition, the day before yesterday it became known that the payment system started an accelerator of financial and technological startups with the aim of not only developing the industry in the future but also attracting more users to it.

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