RIT Capital تنتظر طرح Kraken للاكتتاب العام وهي مستعدة لشراء الأسهم

In a recent webinar, representatives of RIT Capital Partners mentioned that the company is interested in Kraken stock

This is a crypto-exchange, founded in 2011. The number of its clients exceeds 6 million. Therefore, it is not surprising that the IPO of such a company attracted the attention of RIT Capital.

At the moment it is not reported how many stocks investors are ready to buy. However, in any case, the acquisition of stocks will be beneficial for both parties. This is not difficult to understand in the example of Coinbase, which, amid rumors of an IPO, earned more in the first quarter than in the whole of 2020.

Recall that RIT has a long history. It was created in 1961. It has been traded on the London Stock Exchange since 1988. The company's value is over $5.2 billion. This is another institutional investor that can positively affect the future o Kraken and cryptocurrency.

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