Binance لعكس تقسيم YFIDOWN في 31 مايو

According to Binance, on May 31st, 2021, the reverse split of the digital asset is scheduled. Tokens on the user's balance sheet will be exchanged in a proportion of 100,000 to 1

The procedure starts at 03:00 (UTC) and will last about a day. From 03:00 cryptocurrency trading, deposits and withdrawal YFIDOWN will be suspended. All open orders will be automatically closed.

Then a cast of blockchain will be made, after which the process of exchanging tokens will begin. Every ten thousand coins on the user's account will turn into one token.

Balances of digital assets will be updated at 03:00 AM (UTC) on June 1st. From now on, deposits and withdrawals will also be available. Cryptocurrency trading will resume at 03:15 AM (UTC).

The Binance exchange reminds that on May 31st, the price of an asset on the chart may appear incorrectly. The correct display of the price will be restored on June 1st.

The current price of cryptocurrency can be found on the Binance exchange. It is the world's largest crypto exchange with profitable trading offers and low commissions.

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