Glassnode: يحتوي DeFi على ETH أكثر بمرتين من عمليات تبادل العملات المشفرة

Glassnode's May 7 report shows that more ETH is blocked in the Ethereum blockchain than it is stored on cryptocurrency exchanges. The report took into account data from a year and a half

In 2021, ETH's share of transactions fell by 1/4. That figure fell from 17 per cent to 12 per cent. The total number of tokens on the exchanges decreased by 30 percent. And the number of blocks in DeFi projects, on the contrary, increased by 75%. That figure rose from 13 per cent to 22.8 per cent.

Comparison of ETH in smart contracts and exchanges


According to DeFi Llama, about 9 percent of ETH is locked in smart contracts outside the main Ethereum blockchain:

  • 8.3 million tokens are in the Binance blockchain.
  • 286 thousand tokens (0.25% of the total number) are in Solana.
  • 103.9 thousand ETH (0.09% of the total) frozen in Avalanche.
  • 2.8 million (1.6% of the total) are in the remaining networks.

The popularity of ETH and the rapid growth of the value of this cryptocurrency stimulates demand not only for tokens. This week, the volume of futures trading on ETH increased.

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