PolkaCover تقدم تطبيق DeFi Crypto للتأمين التجريبي

The PolkaCover project, whose main task is to bridge the gap between our usual insurance companies and crypto insurance products, presented a demo of its own DeFi application.

The team demonstrated a process for how users can find the perfect insurance company for their needs. Clients will be given the opportunity to choose a company from the list offering a list of their services. Among them: life, health, real estate, travel insurance and other types of insurance plans.

PolkaCover will be the first decentralised insurance intermediary in the DeFi market. The goal of the project is to make operations with cryptocurrencies in the insurance sector safer and more accessible. The application will allow you to agree on the purchase of insurance products for cryptocurrencies on an open source platform controlled by users, and most importantly, not vulnerable to censorship.

The main reason for the appearance of such products is the rapid growth of the crypto market, whose total capitalisation, according to experts, may exceed 5 billion by 2026. Unfortunately, this growth is contributing to the entry of more and more scammers into all sectors of the crypto industry. Crypto insurance intends to discourage attacks by hackers and all kinds of fraudsters by making insurance transactions involving digital assets as safe as possible.

The application provides cross-border purchases of insurance plans, many options to pay for transactions, an appropriate level of confidentiality, a section for controlling insurance contracts, as well as a list of customer payments. The sustainability of the PolkaCover dApp ecosystem is ensured by smart contracts. Also available in the application is the PolkaCover currency CVR tokens. It can be used not only to pay off insurance payments, but also to receive rewards, participate in loyalty programs for clients of specific firms, or simply get a discount. The liquidity and distribution of the coin ensures that customers will use it to pay for policies and special transactions.

Among the DeFi platforms that PolkaCover cooperates with, it is worth noting: Transak, Orion Protocol, 971 insurance, Band Protocol, Hacken and Umbrella network. All of them are key partners of the application and its team. In addition to them, the list of "friends" of the project includes two international insurance companies interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

With an experienced development team and a well-thought-out roadmap, PolkaCover has every chance to gain a foothold in the market as a leading provider of insurance solutions in the crypto industry.

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