April Fool’s Day 2019: Tech Jokes Made By Google
April Fool’s Day is in full swing, millions of people are making jokes of their friends, relatives, bosses. As usual, the tech giant Google Inc. also decided to joke on its users, from the past experience, some of these jokes are clever, some are not. Well, let us see what Google prepared this time.

Snake in Google Maps

A spinoff of the classic Snake is available on Google Maps. Right, you have not misread it, it is on Google Maps. Now you can play Snakes across the world: Cairo, London, San Francisco, São Paulo, Sydney, Tokyo. You just need to open Google Maps on Android or iOS, tap the menu icon on the left top corner, tap “Play Snake” and voila, enjoy your free time with Snake, but be careful not to hit anything.

Google Tulip

AI gives us thousands of possibilities, but Google chose the greatest - talking to tulips. “Hey Google, talk to my tulip.” - Google Home can translate human languages to Tulipish and vice versa so that the flowers tell you when they need water, light, space or they can give you a  piece of sound advice. Google Tulip was developed in the Netherlands and tested in the flower park Keukenhof. Regarding the AI part, Google in cooperation with the Wageningen University & Research converted tulips signals to human languages.

Google Assistant

In the past years, Google Assistant was quite dry in its answers to the users on request of “April Fools”. This year the attitude has changed a little, now it provides historical pranks. The example you can see below: [caption id="attachment_33170" align="alignnone" width="386"] Source: VentureBeat[/caption] Just say “April Fools” to your Assistant and get a historical prank for yourself. Happy April Fool’s Day and to subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coinshark/