Apple Smartwatch Supports Bitcoin Payments Via Lightning Network
Last weekend, the Bluewallet team released a version of the wallet with Lightning Network support for Apple's smartwatches. This is reported by the CoinDesk news portal. Thanks to the technology underlying the Lightning Network, owners of the watch who install this software will be able to conduct instant Bitcoin transactions. According to the Bluewallet team, the application was launched as an experiment, and today it can only be downloaded from iTunes. However, a smartwatch is not the most popular thing in the world. In addition, at the moment the target audience of the product is not completely clear. As a rule, users of the cryptocurrency industry care about privacy and this application meets the security requirements because the display of smartwatches is much smaller than telephone and computer.
“If feedback is good, we’ll spend more time on the project,” Nuno Coelho, product and UX engineer, explained.
Thus, if the application becomes popular, the team will start working on new features and services for its customers. We want to remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: