Apple Music Expands with New Web Interface
Apple decided to significantly expand Apple’s own streaming service thanks to a new web interface that allows subscribers to stream music directly from their browser without having to install iTunes or a separate Apple Music application. The new web interface launched yesterday, September 5th, as a public beta for subscribers at The interface is very similar to Apple’s new separate music application, which the company launches with MacOS Catalina later this year, except that it runs in a web browser. Apple claims that it should work in all browsers, including Google Chrome, and on all devices, including Windows 10, Chrome OS, and even mobile platforms such as Android. The site offers access to the entire Apple Music catalog, as well as to any tracks that users have synchronized with their libraries that are not in Apple Music. Playlists, including Apple’s personalized “For You” and Apple Music radio stations, will also be available in the beta version. The beta site will lack some features, including the Beats 1 live broadcast, some original Apple music videos, and smart playlists. But Apple claims that over time it will add all the functionality. In addition, you will eventually be able to subscribe to Apple Music directly from the Internet, although it will not be available as part of this beta yet.