Apple Is Accused Of Maintaing AppStore Monopoly By Apps Developers
Two US developers are accusing Apple in maintaining monopoly over the iOS apps by launching extremely strict rules on potential newcomers. Read more: These developers applied to a US federal court trying to sue Apple for such policies and stop "improper monopolization of the market." The plaintiff also wants to ask to provide the lawsuit a class action status so that it could potentially represent anyone. It is no secret that with just a few exceptions, all apps must go through the App Store. And mostly importantly they are to comply with Apple's rules to get on the platform. But the question is whether we are able to name such strictness an illegal monopoly. To the developers point of view, Apple limits the development of the apps by implementing such restrictions. However, the thing that they are mostly unsatisfied with is that there is no other place to go if your app was rejected by Apple. There is no alternative. The only possible way to solve this controversy is to allow other app stores. Yet whether Apple agrees go such condition is a big and open question. We remind you: