Apple iPhone 11 Pro: Myth Destroyed
At the presentation of new Apple products, CEO Tim Cook praised the iPhone 11, in particular, its huge performance leap compared to last year's iPhone XS. However, the reality was not as impressive as it was shown in the presentation. The YouTube channel EverythingApplePro decided to test how much the new iPhone 11 is faster than older Apple smartphones in practice. Recall, the new device has a new A13 Bionic processor, which, according to Apple, makes the iPhone 11 the “fastest” smartphone in the world, but no comparative figures have been given - only a chart showing that its comparative power strip was the longest of all others.  iPhone X (2017), iPhone XS (2018) and iPhone 11 Pro (2019) models were selected for the comparison. Testing consists of determining the time required to open various applications and running tests. It turned out that sometimes the iPhone XS is ahead of the iPhone 11 Pro. Experts concluded that the problem in reducing the performance of the iPhone 11 Pro lies in RAM (4 GB), associated with some software restrictions on download speed. However, the advantage over the old smartphone is probably temporary, since no doubt upcoming iOS updates will bring optimized performance for all new phones.