Apple Introduced the Updated iOS 12 and Added Bitcoin Symbols

In September, Apple introduced a new line of iPhone and a new operating system iOS 12.

Now Apple users can use two new symbols to display Bitcoin. The recently introduced symbols, the so-called glyphs, are available as part of Apple’s new “Labels” application, which will allow Siri to perform complex tasks using simple voice commands. You can customize the color of glyphs individually.


We remind you that Apple representatives do not publicly discuss the topic of cryptocurrency and blockchain. This summer, the App Store restricted the rules for mobile crypto wallets, banned the trade in digital coins and token sales.

We would like to remind you:

App Store Added a New Crypto Wallet for Digital Collectibles

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Cryptocurrency Prices Today, February 14: Cryptocurrency Did Not Catch The Romantic Atmosphere And Began To Fall In Price

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar, IOTA, Dash, Monero: Cryptocurrency Rate

According to the Coingecko online platform, Bitcoin (BTC) lost 0.35% over the past 24 hours after a period of growth. The price at the time of writing is $3607 per coin.

Cryptocurrencies have returned to the red zone:

Bitcoin Cash lost 0.6% over the past 24 hours and costs $121 per coin;

Ripple fell by 1% and costs $0.30;

EOS decreased by 4.1% and its price is $2.78;

Litecoin dropped by 3.2% and its value is $41;

Cardano lost 2.5% and its cost is $0.040;

Stellar fell by 1.1% and costs $0.076;

IOTA decreased by 1.6% and its value is $0.26;

Dash lost 1.9% and its price is $78;

Monero dropped by 2.5% and costs $47.

Over the past 24 hours, Ethereum has lost 0.7%. The rate of the coin is $122.

The total market capitalization fell to $120 billion. Bitcoin accounts for 52.5% of the total. In monetary terms, it is $63 billion.

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Cryptocurrency Prices Today, February 13: Cryptocurrencies Are Showing an Upward Trend

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar, IOTA, Dash, Monero: Cryptocurrency prices

According to the online platform Coingecko, Bitcoin (BTC) added 0.4% over the past 24 hours after a period of growth. The price at the time of writing is $3620 per coin.

Cryptocurrencies once again moved to the green zone:

Bitcoin Cash added 0.57% over the past 24 hours and costs $121 per coin;

Ripple grew by 1.96% and costs $0.30;

EOS gained 5.78%, and its price is $2.92;

Litecoin lost 1.48%, and its value is $42;

Cardano increased by 1.31%, and its cost $0.041;

Stellar added 0.2% and costs $0.076;

IOTA grew by 3%, and its value is $0.27;

Dash remains stable, and its price is $82;

Monero gained 2.51% and costs $49.

Over the past 24 hours, Ethereum added 2.37%. The exchange rate of the coin is $123.

The total market capitalization is $121 billion. Bitcoin accounts for 52.6% of the total volume. In monetary terms, it is $63 billion.

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How To Read Trading Charts

Cryptocurrency exchanges work on the same principle as traditional exchanges. Potentially, it is possible to earn very good money on these platforms, but for this, it is needed to be able to correctly read the cryptocurrency coin chart. Of course, in order to become a professional trader, it needs to learn and practice a lot, but if your goal is to understand the basics, this article will be an excellent starting point in the exciting world of trading for you.

There are a huge variety of different charts, but the most common is the “Candlestick chart”. The chart is a much more informative tool than digital or text analysis. Using graphics, it is possible to quickly navigate and understand the current mood of the crowd, as well as the balance of power between sellers and buyers of a particular asset. Based on the obtained data, it is possible to calculate the potential profitability or unprofitability of a particular deal.

1. The main types of stock charts

As it was mentioned above, there are a huge number of different types of charts, but the main ones are lines, bars, and candlesticks. All of these tools (with the exception of the line charts) can tell about:

  • price at the beginning of the selected period (1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, etc.);
  • price at the end of the selected period;
  • the minimum and maximum rate of the selected period.

By and large, the crypto chart clearly shows the history of the struggle between bulls and bears. In the process of this confrontation, a large number of deals are made. It should be understood that even a slight fluctuation of the price means that some have already earned on it, while others, on the contrary, have suffered losses.

2. “Candlestick chart”

Let’s take a closer look at the most common version of charts, namely “Candlestick chart”. It was invented almost 400 years ago by a rice seller from the country of the Rising Sun. The process of observing a line chart is not entirely convenient; for this reason, the construction of “Candlestick chart” is based on the principle of dividing the total time into specific periods. This principle helps to quickly navigate what is happening on the market and, accordingly, to give the Bitcoin trend prediction or any other financial asset forecast.

3. How to read the chart “Candlestick chart”?

One candle represents the range of prices for an asset for a certain period of time. The boundaries of the candle are the lowest and highest asset price in this period of time. If the candle`s color is green, this means that the asset has increased in value over a given period of time; if it is red, then, on the contrary, it has fallen.


If you look closely at the above chart, you will notice:

  • the candle corresponds to the time interval – 60 minutes;
  • the minimum asset price was $3485,24;
  • the maximum asset price was $3733.58;
  • This hour began with a price of $3506,42 and ended with the price of $3687 (for this reason, the candle is green).

The main parameters that should be paid attention to when reading cryptocurrency charts are:

  • asset price;
  • time;
  • trading volume.

By and large, the entire analysis of charts is an ordinary calculation of the balance between supply and demand. It is possible to estimate the level of the strength of bulls or bears through the asset price (vertical axis) and the volume of transactions (horizontal axis). These skills allow experienced traders to take the right position in advance and earn money on any price movement.

4. Conclusion

In this article, we talked about how to read cryptocurrency charts. As it was mentioned above, there are a huge number of different types of charts, but the most popular and often used is the option “Candlestick chart”. The basic principle of this type of charts is to divide the time into certain periods. It is quite informative and easy to read. If you want to start trading, then you definitely need to get a deeper understanding of this topic.

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Bitcoin Trading in Venezuela Hit All-Time High: The Possible Future of Bitcoin

According to the report of TrustNode, Bitcoin volumes have surpassed all time high in Venezuela, rising above 2,000 BTC for the first time on peer-to-peer exchange LocalBitcoins.

Bitcoin is the only way to feed family in Venezuela

You may have heard that Venezuela has been experiencing economic crisis as the national currency – the Venezuelan bolivar – has collapsed and become valueless.

The citizens suffer from a lack of basic supplies, including products, medicines, etc. The supermarket shelves are bare. Children are fainting from hunger in their classrooms. The situation changed even worse when the government of Nicolas Maduro blocked U.S. humanitarian aid from coming into the country through the Columbian border.  

The administration of the opposition leader Juan Guaidó remain optimistic, they are convinced that they are able to pass the aid to the people. However, the Venezuelans do not trust anyone anymore, and the only hope left is Bitcoin. People started mining Bitcoin to convert it into dollars to purchase foods and other necessities.

All-time high of the Bitcoin trading

As the 2019 Venezuelan protests caused by presidential crisis are in full swing, people started to trade Bitcoin at full. That is why, the weekly volume of the BTC-to-Venezuelan bolivar (VES) pair increased to 2,454 BTC. It is worth $8.95 million per week and $1.29 million per day.

Bitcoin Future in Venezuela

Tuesday is going to be a big day for Venezuela, according to the Washington Examiner, on Tuesday, February 12, the Venezuelan people plan to demand Maduro’s resignation on the streets all over the country, and try to bring U.S. aid across the Colombian border. Nicolas Maduro has ordered his military to stop them. So the future of Bitcoin depends on who will win.

If Nicolas Maduro remains to be the President of Venezuela, then Petro coins will have more power than Bitcoin. However, if the opposition leader Juan Guaidó overthrows the current government, then Bitcoin will definitely have future in Venezuela as Juan Guaidó gives preference to Bitcoin over Petro.

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President’s Day Sale: What Devices Can You Save a Dollar On?

President’s Day, also known as Washington’s Birthday, is an official American holiday which is celebrated on the third Monday of February each year and is meant to glorify the post of the President of the United States.

Besides other festivities, this day is known and loved for the major sales in stores and malls. So let’s see, how much will the customers be able to save up between February 11 and February 19 if they want to purchase an electronic device?


As mentioned on the site of this major American laptop manufacturer, the President’s Day sale cut down the price on the popular model Alienware M15 gaming laptop by over 400 dollars. While its usual price is over 2 thousand dollars, you will be able to get it for about $1650 or even lower in the designated time period.

This laptop is perfect for the fans of video games. It has a 15-inch screen, a processor Intel Core i7 and a graphics card Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 which supports video game graphics with the highest resolution.

Another computer of this company was also reduced in price significantly during the sale period is XPS 13. This laptop with a 8th Generation Intel Core processor i7, 13-inch screen, 256 GB hard drive and Windows 10 Pro operating system will also cost you about $300 less.


As for another electronic devices giant Apple, the company put out a batch of coupons which will allow you to save a coin when purchasing IPhones, MacBooks and IPads during President’s Day.

For instance, the customers will have a chance to spend 200 dollars less on a MacBook or get a free shipping.

Thus, we can totally agree on the fact that even though not everybody in the US is happy about their president and his policies, it will be hard to find a single person who will turn down the offer to save up a significant amount of money during the President’s Day sale.

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Report: Smartphones Emitted the Most and the Least Radiation

One of hottest topic in Google Trends today is smartphone radiation. The report released by Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz, which is The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection, has disclosed the amount of radiation emitted by headline smartphones nowadays. As the topic brought up so many controversies, we just cannot omit it.

What is the most important feature when choosing smartphone?

At present time, people are tend to choose any item based on how it looks and how trendy it is. And smartphones are no different. The best features for most users are amazing camera and enough memory. Some websites give the guide how to choose better smartphones, where they rank the following features:

  1. Design and build quality
  2. Screen
  3. Great camera
  4. Headphone jack
  5. Battery life
  6. Processor power
  7. Price

As you can see no one tells you whether it will be safe to use it or not. Indeed, people are aware that smartphones as any other electronic devices emit radiation, yet, they do not pay much attention to it, though they should do.

Radiation effect on body

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, radiation has energy to affect the atoms in living cells and thereby damage their genetic material (DNA). The cells in the body are able to repair the damage, however, if the damage is not repaired correctly, a cell may die or eventually become cancerous.

Exposure to low levels of radiation (like smartphones other electronic devices) encountered in the environment does not cause immediate health effects, but is a minor contributor to our overall cancer risk.

The phones emitted the most radiation

The data is calculated in “watts per kilogram”, and lower scores mean lower radiation emission from the smartphone. The report shows that Xiaomi Mi A1, OnePlus 5T, and Xiaomi Mi Max 3 are the leaders of the rating, meaning that they emit the most radiation.


The fourth place is taken by OnePlus 6T, which did not go far away from its forerunner in terms of radiation, 1.55 and 1.58 correspondingly. HTC U12 life shuts down the top 5 with the result of 1.48 watts per kilogram.

Google Pixel 3 XL (1.39) did not fare much better, as well as his brother Google Pixel 3 (1.33). The owners of iPhone 7 and 8 should also start worrying about their health, as the results show 1.38 and 1.32 correspondingly. The newcomers like the iPhone XR (0.99), iPhone XS (0.99), iPhone XS Max (0.99) and the iPhone X (0.92) fare much better.

The phones emitted the least radiation

Samsung smartphones are doing best in the radiation chart. Eight phones released by this company emerged in the chart of the phones emitted the least radiation. The first in the rating is Samsung Galaxy Note8 unveiled on August 23, 2017.


The LG G7 ThinQ (0.24 watts per kilogram of radiation), the HTC U11 Life (0.28) and the Motorola Moto Z (0.30) have also done well in terms of limiting radiation emissions during device usage.

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro hits the charts with 0.4 watts per kilogram. At the same time, the Honor 8 Pro registers 1.28 watts per kilogram of radiation.

It should be noticed that the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection did not test Chinese phone companies Oppo and Vivo.

It is also important to note that the German environmental agency Blue Angel certifies smartphones with a watt per kilogram reading of 0.60 and lower.

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