Apple has Started Live Stream the Day Before the Upcoming Presentation
Since yesterday on the official website Apple is running live broadcast from the Steve Jobs theater, which is located on a new Apple Campus 2. It is noteworthy that the stream started approximately 24 hours earlier than the beginning of the presentation. As a rule, the company starts its presentation not earlier than 20-30 minutes before the events. [caption id="attachment_31933" align="alignnone" width="700"] Source:[/caption] On the video, you can see only an empty stage where nothing is going on. At first, many users thought that it was just a test broadcast which would be over soon, but the stream has been on for several hours already. We want to remind you: Perhaps such an unusual broadcast is connected directly with the fact that today Apple is going to present its own streaming service which will compete Amazon Prime and Netflix. Subscribers suppose that they will get access to some exclusive content. As the official invitation to the upcoming event says - It’s show time. It won’t be long now. In a few hours, Tim Cook will tell the world about all innovation which Apple experts have prepared for us. We will follow the presentation closely and if you don’t want to miss anything, check for updates on our website or subscribe to us on social media. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: