Apple Has Restricted Its Regulations Regarding Cryptocurrencies
One of the major producers of electronic devices, Apple, has come out with a new set of rules on cryptocurrency, all the activities related to it, like token sales or trading in digital coins, and also cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets. The restriction of rules have been compiled by the “Developers Union” which is a group of Apple employees that initially intended to change the app trial policy. However, they eventually got their hands on cryptocurrencies. The new rules include the following:
  • apps may only promote and support digital wallets if their developers are officialy registered as an organization;
  • apps cannot be used for mining unless it is cloud mining;
  • apps may only conduct transaction with trustworty cryptocurrency exchanges;
  • apps may only promote token sales which belong to checked and approved projects, companies or other financial establishments;
  • cryptocurrency cannot be used as a means of rewards in apps.
Since right now the cryptocurrency apps are not significant in number in the App Store, it can be assumed that the rule updates are aimed at future apps. We would like to remind that Apple has recently made a decision to incorporate the Ripple technology into their systems to improve the payment procedure. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: