Apple has Received a Patent for a Foldable Display for the iPhone and Other Brand Devices
The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has registered a new patent from Apple, which describes the complex design of a mobile device with a foldable display. This is reported on the website of the USPTO. [caption id="attachment_40216" align="alignnone" width="505"] Source:[/caption] The patent was approved on Tuesday, May 28, and the application itself was filed for consideration by the organization’s staff back in January last year. A new patent may indicate the release of a really complex iPhone. Among the constructions described in the documentation, there is even an option of how to fold the smartphone three times. Theoretically, this feature will allow you to create a very compact gadget with a large display. In the past, Apple has already filed patents for a foldable display with sensors that can be opened and closed as a book, as well as a foldable iPhone that can be folded in half. Read more on the topic: Therefore, whether the world will see a flexible iPhone is still questionable. It so happens that companies receive patents on ideas that will never be implemented. We want to remind you: