Another One Bites the Dust: The New Samsung 5G Smartphone Blew Up
The South Korean electronics giant Samsung has hit a rough patch recently. Firstly, it had issues with a gadget that was supposed to be a revolution on the market of smartphones - the infamous Samsung Galaxy Fold. While this problem still remains unsolved, the new one arose out of nowhere. A customer who purchased another Samsung’s novelty, its first 5G smartphone, claimed that the battery of his phone suddenly exploded, CNET reports.

What happened?

According to the information provided by the customer, whose last name is Lee, his brand new Samsung Galaxy S10 5G was lying on the table, when unexpectedly the weird smell and smoke started to emerge around the gadget.
"My phone was on the table when it started smelling burnt and smoke soon engulfed the phone. I had to drop it to the ground when I touched it because it was so hot,” said Lee.
Here is what the smartphone looked like after the incident. [caption id="attachment_37731" align="alignnone" width="503"] Source: The Economic Times India[/caption]

The response of Samsung

The company developers immediately examined the damaged smartphone and came to the conclusion that the explosion of its battery happened through no fault of theirs, but due to external circumstances.
"After retrieving the device from the customer, Samsung has closely inspected the device and concluded that the damage was caused by external impact," the representative of the company claimed.
Thus, Samsung decided that it was not going to compensate 1200 dollars spent on the phone to their customer Lee.

Odd coincidence or tendency?

As we all remember, back in 2016, Samsung was in the center of a scandal involving its Galaxy S7 Note phone, the batteries of which also blew up for no apparent reason. The company suffered huge losses and had to discontinue the whole line. It is still unclear whether these two cases are connected or not and whether the incident experienced by the Korean customer happened to somebody else. But anyway, it is, undoubtedly, not the greatest start for the new Galaxy S10 5G. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: