AnandTech Tested The iPhone 11 Pro Processor and Compared Its Power with Competitors
AnandTech edition has tested the iPhone 11 Pro and studied in detail the new Apple A13 Bionic chip. The A13 processor is about 20% faster than the A12. To achieve this, Apple had to increase the power core consumption by 1 W. AnandTech noted that the A13 provided Apple's leadership in mobile chips. A13 is almost twice faster than the top processor from another manufacturer. AnandTech decided not to specify the kind of chip and company. The experts were most impressed by the A13 graphics component. The peak GPU frequency increased by about 20%. The iPhone 11 Pro was able to work 50-60% longer at a maximum frequency than the iPhone Xs. This suggests that the iPhone 11 Pro is less subject to heat and throttling. All AnandTech conclusions also apply to the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Max, since they have the same A13 Bionic chip.