An Indian Minor Tried to Blow Up Miami Airport After Losing His Bitcoins

Scams in cryptocurrency world are very common, you can see them in Twitter, different online forum, etc. To be honest, despite all the rules and regulations adopted by different authorities, they rarely manage to return all the lost money. So, the question is: are you able to get full protection from the police if you happen to be involved in a scam?

As for example, an Indian teenager lost his investments in Bitcoin, FBI refused to help him to get money back, in a result the first tried to blow up the Miami airport, according to The Hindustan Times report.

The boy, born in North India state, borrowed $1000 from his father to invest money in Bitcoin. He earn quite a big some of money just in five month. However, he met one trader on the online forum, who offered him to increase his assets in many times. Hardly had the trader obtained Bitcoins, when he disappeared and the schoolboy lost all his money.

The high school tennager applied to the US FBI about 50 times, yet in vain. Disappointed by FBI’s unwillingness to help, he begin threatening to blow up Miami airport. He brought along an AK-47 rifle, grenades, and a suicide belt. He was caught with the help of India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA). The adolescent was charged according to the Indian Penal Code and the IT Act.

According to the local police report, the penalty is unlikely to be serious, as he is still 18 years old, that is not considered criminally liable in India.

As we can see, common people cannot get a full support from the authorities, no matter how the later refutes to this fact. That is why, we warn you not to trust unreliable people in the Internet, we remind you  

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