Amazon is the Most Expensive Global Brand According to BrandZ Ranking
Amazon finally managed to get the title of the most expensive global brand, according to BrandZ. Usually, the first position was shared between Google and Apple.
“Only five years ago, Apple’s brand value was six times bigger than Amazon’s, so what was the magic behind it?” Asked Doreen Wang, global head of BrandZ, during the presentation.
It is no accident that this event took place in the heart of the American capital, the New York Stock Exchange. BrandZ annual ranking was based on Kantar research. 166,000 brands were studied in 51 markets and the brand value was measured based on the company's financial value to the brand contribution or consumer preference. Thus, the value of the Amazon brand was $315.5 billion, with growth for the year by 52%. Apple and Google ranked second and third, respectively. In addition to these companies, Microsoft, Visa, Facebook, Alibaba, Tencent, McDonald's and AT&T are in the top ten. Each company in the top 10 showed an increase in market value, except Facebook and Tencent, whose fortunes decreased by 2% and 27%, respectively. Instagram received the title of "the fastest growing brand", with a 95% growth over the year.
“Brand building is not a cost; it is the most important investment any company should make to ensure long-term and sustainable growth,” said Wang.
Nine new entrants were registered this year, including Chanel, Indian Life Insurance Corporation, Didi, Xiaomi, Meituan, Dell Technologies, Xbox, Haier and Tata Consultancy Services. Now, in the era of IoT, the business model is one of the “ecosystems” when consumers buy several products and services from one company. Alibaba and Amazon are developing in that direction, and Uber is doing the same. In addition to the more widely known Uber Eats, the company also has an underwater and aerial business. In such companies, experience and customer satisfaction come first. When the first BrandZ survey came out in 2006, the total value of brands in the top 100 was $1.4 trillion. This year, the total value is equal to the GDP of the economies of South Korea, Spain and Russia - $4.7 trillion. We want to remind you: