Amazon Is Interested in the Ripple Technology
One of the largest trading platforms of the Internet Amazon is planning to conclude a partnership with the company Ripple. This was reported by Ethereum World News. It is informed that the management of Amazon was interested in the Ripple system of accelerating transactions and reducing the commission fees. While this information is not confirmed, experts predict that the partnership can really take place, because Ripple technologies are actively being introduced into the banking sector. The partnership agreement can expand the audience of Amazon customers. The management of both companies has refrained from commenting so far. Ripple is not a classic cryptocurrency and is inherently closer to money. Initially, Ripple Labs issued 1 billion XRP tokens in its network which can not be mined. That is why financial institutions join the Ripple network in order to speed up payments and reduce costs. The Ripple tokens are used to exchange them to other cryptocurrencies, so that it would be more convenient to work with them. The rate of XRP is $0.67 at the moment, and the cryptocurrency is among the top ten most popular cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization level. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Telegram: