TOP 3 stablecoins February 2022 by trading volume

The most popular stablecoin is still Tether (USDT). This cryptocurrency is in 1st place in the TOP. 2nd place - BUSD, and 3rd - USDC.

In the last month of winter, the volume of transfers in BUSD amounted to almost $74 billion. At the same time, the real trading volume in USDC (TRV indicator) was only $49 billion. The share of stablecoins in the total cryptocurrency TRV decreased by $1.2 trillion compared to January 2022.

Over the year (since February 2021), USDC trading volume has risen by 23%. At the same time, the 1-day maximum usage of this stablecoin decreased by $611 billion.



At the same time, it was 11% higher than the real one-day trading volume compared to the maximum 24-hour TRV in February. The difference between February 2021 and 2022 was only $0.4 billion.

The position of Binance USD (BUSD) is much better. Analysts say that traders prefer the stablecoin from the most popular exchange Binance. True, its trading volume also fell by 25% compared to February 2021.



At the same time, the volume of transactions in BUSD amounted to only 22 thousand, and more than 1.1 million USDC transfers were made in February. The thing is that larger amounts were transferred in the stablecoin from Binance. Therefore, the real trading volume of BUSD is 51% higher.

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