The British Investment Fund That Sold GRAM Became A Defendant In The Investigation In Russia

Employees of the Moscow Tagansky Court are checking the activities of a British company, which at one time was engaged in the distribution of tokens of the Telegram Open Network (TON) project, which had not yet been released.

Large-scale fraud

Several citizens of the Russian Federation appealed to the Tagansky court, they acquired GRAM for a total amount of 11.7 million US dollars through this British company.

1.5 million dollars fee

Once Pavel Durov officially wrote about the closure of the project, Russian investors decided to terminate the contract with the counterparty. The UK company withheld $1.5 million in fees and returned only $10.2 million.

Lawyer opinion

Evgeny Krasnov, a highly qualified lawyer who holds a license in New York State, suggested that this could be a commission of an investment fund for managing client assets. But he needs more information for a more accurate assessment of the situation.

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