Shiba Inu Cryptocurrency Conquers Blockchain Gaming

Shytoshi Kusama, project manager for Shiba Inu, has announced plans to work with Activision Studios. As part of a collaboration with gaming studio AAA, a cryptocurrency game will be created that will expand to the Metaverse in 2022.

The partnership with Activision Studios is a great fortune for Shiba Inu. The game studio develops high quality projects. Its former vice president, William Volk, has 36 years of experience in creating games projects. He started playing Avalon Hill in 1980.

The transition to the creation of the Metaverse may lead to a serious increase in the price of the SHIB token. This can be predicted due to the high demand for blockchain games in 2021.

Many GameFi projects have gained immense popularity. This area, together with NFT, generated over $ 10 billion in revenue in the third quarter of this year.



Tokens such as SAND, MANA, ENJ and ALICE have risen significantly after the launch of the Metaverse. Considering that the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency already has a large community, the developed game will become popular a priori.

True, it is not yet known in what genre and what this game will be about. Considering that Shiba Inu is a meme cryptocurrency, the idea and implementation can be cartoonish. Most likely, the game will have the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency, which will draw attention to it and increase its popularity.

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