Santiment: TOP 3 most popular altcoins among whales in 2020

From the information provided by the research company Santiment, large crypto investors are actively buying three coins:

  •  Aave (LEND)
  •  Ren (REN)
  •  0x (ZRX)

Santiment's own metric

To track whales' activity, analysts developed their own metrics. Look at this screenshot and see a sharp increase in interest in the altcoins mentioned.


Source: Santiment

Coin Capitalization Growth

Once the charts were published, the Sentiment LEND rate increased by 130%, REN - by 120%, and ZRX - by 10%. Analysts believe this metric is the most reliable.

Another token

Santiment analysts found out, in early June, whales drew attention to another altcoin - aelf (ELF).

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