Ripple Launches xCurrent 4.0 Connected To The xRapid System
Ripple announced the release of upgraded version of its best product - xCurrent 4.0. It will be connected to xRapid system, that provides the ability to expand the usage of XPR token in cross-border transactions. The representative of the Ripple Inc. said that xRapid integration is entirely optional.
“In other countries, where there’s not good regulatory clearance or digital asset infrastructure, you just continue to use xCurrent as-is, with fiat liquidity.”
xRapid gives hope to all XRP holders, as they want to see tokens as a part of the technology, but the status of this asset is quite questionable. Was it an airdrop to boost adoption or is it a part of xRapіd - it is still fuzzy. Ripple planned to compete SWIFT in banking hegemony due to old system of the latter, however, a major update, released by SWIFT, which strives for renewing and modernizing the system, may become a large obstacle in Ripple’s plans. We remind you Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: