Opinion: XRP For 20 Cents - That's Fair

One of the top managers of Ripple.lab, the technical director David Schwartz, expressed the opinion that the current rate of XRP tokens is fair.

XRP price is fair

In his opinion, the market price of XRP cryptocurrency is a consequence of trust in the project, and not the manipulation of large holders, as many believe. If the price was too high or vice versa too low, then traders would quickly correct it.

David Schwartz answers

He expressed this point of view on Twitter. One user asked Schwartz if he considers the price of 20 cents per XRP fair, to which CTO Ripple replied:

«I honestly believe (crazy as it sounds) that cryptocurrency prices generally do reflect the wisdom of crowds and a fair assessment of the expected future. I am way in the minority on this view and of course I could well be wrong. But that's what I truly believe».

Whales influence is overestimated

He is convinced that whales don`t have the power to manipulate the crypto market, although the vast majority of experts believe the opposite.

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