Opinion: World Will Recognize Cryptocurrencies In 15-20 Years

One of the founders of the acclaimed Baseline Protocol project, John Wolpert, commented on the long-term future of cryptocurrencies.

Worldwide recognition in 15-20 years

Wolpert believes, digital currencies and blockchain technology will widespread no earlier than in 15-20 years.

“My personal point of view is that these things tend to run in 20-year cycles. Everybody who's running companies today needs to retire. And the new people need to show up. We saw that with mobile.” Wolpert said. 

Comparing the crypto industry with the Internet

The expert drew an analogy with the formation of the World Wide Web, which took several decades. He recalled that the Internet was invented back in 1969. Wolpert emphasised that such a comparison is more appropriate than comparing Bitcoin with the Internet in the late 80s and early 90s.

“We're pre-CompuServe right now.” – Wolpert specified. 

The opinion of analysts from Deutsche Bank

A little earlier, Deutsche Bank analysts also compared the growth of Internet users and the Bitcoin network. They believe that there will be about 300 million owners of cryptocurrencies on the planet by 2036.

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