Mike Novogratz invests in altcoin RedFOX Labs (RFOX)

 Cryptanalyst Alex Saunders tracked where Mike Novogratz and his cryptocurrency bank Galaxy Digital are investing.

It turned out that the Novogratz company is actively investing in RedFOX Labs (RFOX). The only incubator of Crypto Gaming, DeFi, dApp and NFT projects in Southeast Asia.

According to data from CoinMarketCap, the RedFOX coin (ERC-20 token) has at least doubled in value from November 14 to December 18, 2020. It is needed to pay trading fees, create liquidity pools and NFT, which means it will constantly be in circulation.

RedFOX Labs

The cryptocurrency capitalization at the start was only 300 thousand dollars. And now this figure is about $ 30 million. This is also a big plus in favor of investment.

While you are pondering where to buy at the bottom, Novogratz is actively buying RFOX tokens

With RedFOX, Galaxy Digital gains access to the huge Southeast Asian market. This is a region with great prospects and potential. This, too, apparently explains the interest in altcoin on the part of Novogratz.

We think that the support of the RedFOX project from such a seasoned crypto investor is the best indicator of stability and future return on investment. We will monitor the situation and keep you informed!

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