Lawyer: TON Closure - A Key To Settlement With SEC

Once Pavel Durov abandons the further development of the TON project, the main regulator of the USA Securities and Exchange Commission should refuse the lawsuit, the lawyer from New York State, Evgeny Krasnov states.

He shared that the parties to the conflict have been discussing a settlement agreement for a long time, the main condition was the closure of the TON project.

“Personally For Durov, abandoning the project is not fraught with anything, it rather means the opportunity to work with American investors and the financial market in the future. The decision to close the project was the only reasonable one in this situation,” Krasnov said.

According to the investment agreement, Krasnov suggested that investors receive their funds minus the costs spent on developing the platform.

"It’s not likely that the investors file a lawsuit since the closure of the project due to a state ban frees Telegram from responsibility."

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