EOS Network Foundation wants $4.1 billion from Block.one

Passions continue to boil around the EOS cryptocurrency. The blockchain community is planning to file a lawsuit against Block.one, which has been managing the development of the cryptocurrency since 2017.

The situation escalated in the summer of 2021, when, according to the community, they were completely disillusioned with the actions of Block.one. This organization has stopped developing and updating the EOS blockchain, focusing only on asset management.

Also, its employees released several projects that were not based on EOS. This undermined the credibility of Block.one. Therefore, in August 2021, a special organization representing the interests of the community, the EOS Network Foundation (ENF), was created.

This organization was supposed to negotiate with the leadership of Block.one. However, since they never took place, in December 2021, the community decided to stop paying tokens in favor of Block.one. We are talking about the EOS cryptocurrency for a total amount of about $250 million.

However, according to the community, this turned out to be not enough. Therefore, ENF turned to lawyers to file a lawsuit to recover the amount of $4.1 billion from Block.one. This is how much damage is estimated by representatives of the EOS Network Foundation.

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