Dogecoin listed three exchanges

Dogecoin Coin Support Announced by Huobi Futures, FTX, and WazirX

The other day, three exchanges listed Dogecoin cryptocurrency. Probably, the reason may be the hype around the crypto market associated with the rise in the price of bitcoin, as well as the messages on Twitter by Elon Musk, who dearly loves DOGE.

So, now you can trade Dogecoin on 3 new sites:

  • FTX (futures and spot trading);
  • Huobi Futures (swap margin);
  • WazirX (spot trading).

Also, according to some analysts, exchanges are trying to capitalize on any added coins in a bull market.

Let's remind, about the same happened in 2020. In the middle of summer, Binance introduced DOGE futures. At the same time, OKEx and Bitfinex exchanges introduced Dogecoin spot trading.



The listing had a small positive impact on the price of the cryptocurrency. Elon Musk's tweets do much more. Let's see how the price of the cryptocurrency changed after a tweet with one word.