Dan Morehead:

The CEO of Pantera Capital, which has been investing in BTC since 2013, believes Ethereum and XRP will surpass Bitcoin next year. But there is an altcoin, investment in which will pay off with a thousand "X"

The true king of altcoins is Polkadot (DOT). This is what Morehead chooses as the best investment. This, by the way, is nothing unusual, because at the head of the Polkadot team is Ethereum co-author Gavin Wood.

Today Polkadot (DOT) in terms of cost is 10 of Ethereum. The likelihood that it is a very viable competitor is over 10%. Morehead is 100% confident in Polkadot. He believes that for the next 12 months. the rate of this cryptocurrency will be in dynamic growth.

Why Polkadot (DOT)

Morehead says Polkadot has all the benefits of Ethereum, but much more bandwidth. Therefore, Pantera Capital is actively investing in this cryptocurrency.

Where else to invest

According to Dan Morehead, the DeFi space is catching on. Today it is an integral segment of the cryptocurrency market, ready for explosive growth. These are cryptocurrency exchanges, decentralized finance, exchangers.

Their popularity lies in one simple fact. Why do you need an intermediary, if you can store values ​​yourself using blockchain technologies

Many of the projects Pantera Capital invests in may not immediately become liquid and established, but in the long run Dan Morehead is not wrong!