Coinbase CEO explains why there is still no Monero on the exchange

Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, the largest crypto marketplace in the United States, expressed sympathy for the Monero coin, but explained why it would most likely not be listed with his company.

Why won't Monero be on Coinbase?

The head of the crypto exchange said that he personally would very much like to see Monero on the list of coins on Coinbase, but due to the increased regulatory risks, this is not likely to happen.

Unspoken prohibition

Armstrong said that although the authorities don't directly prohibit listing Monero, they truly don't like increased privacy. To come to this conclusion, Brian Armstrong carried out an internal risk assessment and personally met with regulators.

“There were backstage discussions where they said, "We don't think you need to do this at all." We tried to clarify: "Are you saying that you don't like this or that you will sue us for this?"  - the CEO of Coinbase explained.

Sometimes it's better to give in

Coinbase CEO said that legal disputes with regulators are part of his job and the company is ready for them. But there are disputes that are better to avoid.