Anonymous coins keep up to the mark

In January 2021, anonymous coins took a big hit from the Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange. In an informational message, the management warned the community that it would stop supporting trading pairs with Monero (XMR), ZCash (ZEC) and DASH.

There was no particular sense or significant prerequisites, laws nor regulations in this. According to the majority, it is about anonymity - one of the main advantages of such cryptocurrencies. According to the Department of Justice, these coins are notorious for being used for misconduct.

After the delisting, the value of the three above-mentioned coins fell by an average of 15-25%, while the rest of the altcoins began to rise in price after BTC and ETH.

Apart from Bittrex, no other exchange has delisted. On the day of the delisting on the Gemini exchange (by order of its co-founder Tyler Winklevoss), the support for anonymous coins was doubled.

Therefore, now XMR, ZEC and DASH are actively growing in price, outstripping the obvious market leaders in percentage growth. They are among the leaders on the daily schedule.

Horizen (ZEN) is up 45% overnight and nearly 100% over the week. ZEC, XMR and DASH are up 20 percent overnight to reach prices at the time of delisting from Bittrex. Their performance has fully recovered.