7 of the most awesome altcoins Do 20x in 2021

Trader Ben Armstrong has informed the public about the most profitable coins to invest in 2021.

7th place Basic Attention Token (BAT)

It is an Ethereum based cryptocurrency asset. Brave's confidential browser BAT token has growth potential. This project is mega popular in the cryptosphere. It has millions of users and the number is growing every day.

The number of users is growing so quickly that the developers have suspended the referral program. An investment in BAT is an investment in a useful and valuable product.

6th place Sandbox (SAND)

This is the service token of the virtual game project. This game, according to users, is interesting and promising. It may even be the biggest achievement in gaming.

5th Elrond (EGLD)

The project provides transaction speed for blockchains. Works on the basis of sharding. A project with great prospects. The number of partnerships that Elrond developers are working on is constantly growing.

4th place Oracle Band Protocol (BAND)

The project is engaged in cross-network transactions and is actively fighting for its place in the market for decentralized oracles. At the current price of $7.14, he could do X50, but Armstrong thinks that figure could be even higher.

3rd place Cosmos (ATOM)

This project serves as a crossover between blockchains, a kind of bridge for scaling the decentralized economy. Therefore, in 2021, the potential of the ATOM token will grow even more than in 2020. The price may jump from the current $31.59 to $632.

2nd place Dash

The Bitcoin fork is facing a surprisingly good year. This is a fast cryptocurrency that some countries such as Venezuela use it more often than others.

According to Armstrong, the impressive scale of the project with a small number of tokens in circulation makes it possible for the price of the cryptocurrency to rise.

1st place VeChain (VET)

This protocol for tracking supply chains will become a huge niche in the cryptosphere in the coming years. VeChain has a huge dominant power. Therefore, in 2021, we can safely expect that the project will make a huge leap forward.