Airbus Showed a Smart Cabin for Aircraft
One of the largest companies working in the design and manufacture of aircraft, Airbus introduced the smart passenger cabin Connected Experience. According to developers, the use of the latest technologies will make the flight much more comfortable not only for passengers but also for the aircraft crew. The Airbus Connected Experience project is created to greatly simplify the work of the cabin crew. During the flight, the sensor system will scan the seats, luggage shelves, lighting systems and other elements of the cabin. Information for the crew will be displayed in a special application on the iPad in real-time, this will help quickly assess the situation during the flight. The smart salon will also be equipped with a number of interactive communications. If desired, passengers can connect to the cabin’s ecosystem using personal smartphones and receive the necessary information or use additional functions provided by the airline. Thus, it will be possible to reserve a seat for a suitcase even before getting on board, using a smartphone and having previously read the list of available seats in the luggage compartments. Smart seats will remember the individual settings for the position of the back and correct it before the next flight. Also, there will be a possibility to order food and drinks via a smartphone. Installed entertainment multimedia systems will automatically select content for a specific passenger. Airbus Connected Experience systems will be available on the A320 series airplanes. The company plans to introduce a smart platform on other models in the future.