Additional Services on Pornhub is Now Possible with Tether
One of the largest porn sites in the world Pornhub has begun to accept the Tether cryptocurrency, the company informed on Twitter. According to representatives of Pornhub, support for USDT became possible due to a partnership with the TRON project. Therefore, to get premium access to adult content, the company recommends using the TRONLink wallet. This option became available two months after the payment service PayPal decided to stop payments to Pornhub actresses. The head of TRON Justin Sun fully supports this innovation, he believes that this is an excellent way to support victims of centralized platforms like PayPal. Recall earlier we wrote that the main crypto partner Pornhub seeks to decentralize the global payment system. To keep up with the latest news in the world of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain industry, check out updates on TheCoinShark.