Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Now Has an App for Financial Management

A major financial establishment in the United Arab Emirates has launched a mobile app for its clients called MoneyBuddy. This PFM (personal financial management) application will create a whole new customer experience which will be much faster, easier and safer.

MoneyBuddy is already available for download at App Store and Google Store. After getting the app, users will be able to track their spendings and have a full analysis of their financial life.

The carefully thought-out charts will show exactly where the users’ money was spent at, what it was spent for, where the incoming funds came from, and the overall financial situation regarding each and every potential user.

Moreover, MoneyBuddy has another useful feature – a monthly calendar. The calendar will be perfect for setting the expenditure against the background of time.

The customers will also have access to “What if?” analysis. This innovative feature will assist users before purchasing something by coming up with the potential outcomes of spending money.

In order to launch the app, ADCB cooperated with a fintech company Strands. The company has already assisted over 600 banks and other financial establishments with their technology, which makes the dialogue between the bank and the customer quick, clear and beneficial for both parties.

Since recently, the United Arab Emirates has become an active participant of the financial world. We remind you of a major crypto collaboration that is currently being developed between this country and Saudi Arabia.

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