A surprising way to unlock your revenue potential
Spoiler: Bitcoin is the key) If you're running a business or been closely watching other startups, you know that one of the main reasons why new businesses fail is because they run out of cash. Trying to juggle your in/out flows and running a business without thoroughly managing your cash flow will undoubtedly land you in trouble and undermine all the work you've done in terms of proof of concept, fundraising, R&D and product development. Therefore maintaining positive cash flow is something that should be on your mind 24/7. Boosting revenue and minimizing expenses are both key factors of healthy cash flow. Also, look for a secondary source of income and alternative opportunities to get cash. Your website could be easily turned into an asset that generates revenue. Once you have a considerable amount of visitors, think about monetizing your audience. If you pull it out right, you might even be able to replace your primary income. There are different ways to do that. Top 3 are:

Pay Per Click Advertising (Google Adsense)

Allow other advertisers to put ads on your website. PROS:
  • It is a rather simple process - sign up with Google, allow them to place a piece of code on your website and it will start displaying relevant to your website advertisements
  • It reduces the amount of space available for your own content
  • Interferes with your website design
  • Annoying advertisements can put off your visitors

Selling Ad Space

You can do it yourself or work with ad networks. PROS:
  • Working directly with advertisers you have more control over the content that appears on your website
  • You spend time selling your ad space and monitoring the quality of the ads
  • Also if you choose to cooperate with ad networks, they will have a big chunk of your profit from ads

Affiliate Marketing

One of the most popular (and by far the quickest) ways to make money from your website or social media account. Find a product or service that resonates with your audience and allow them to use it by forwarding them to the affiliate partners website. PROS:
  • A low-cost way to earn money
  • Easy to join with thousands of affiliate programs available (who doesn't have an affiliate program these days ?)
  • Users leave your website, you get less evolvement, you basically act as an intermediary
  • You don't control affiliate marketing programs meaning that you can't adjust the terms yourself
  • Boring: that's what everyone does (nearly 85% of publishers)
  • You don't develop a solid customer base (once it's done, next time a customer will head directly to the affiliate website to make a purchase)
These are all well known tools that most of the businesses use. They are useful working tools, but there is an alternative way to monetize the audience of your website that tackles all the cons, delivers a stable income and allows you to get in touch with the multi-billion dollar industry. "How to buy Bitcoin?" -  A question that everyone asked at least ones..

What if your customers could buy Bitcoin while staying on your website?

Mercuryo recently introduced a new tool to allow that. One simple integration unlocks a surprising way to earn money for almost every business owner. Whether you are a news portal, service provider or e-commerce. PROS:
  • 0 initial costs, no set up fee or subscription fees
  • No expertise needed from your side (you don't deal with the technical side & support)
  • A widget can be fully customized to your corporate style (this is a big thing if you care about style and the appearance of your website)
  • The sky's the limit: YOU set the amount of your income, you can add whatever you want on top of the regular 0.5% from each transaction
  • You don't process or store customer data
  • Passive income (don't be bothered by the legal and compliance procedures, legally  speaking you don't deal with crypto as it is covered by Mercuryo)
  • You stay trendy and offer a service that doesn't need much advertising
CONS: If you find one let us know:) Mercuryo is a fully legal cryptocurrency exchange service provider registered in Estonia. We work with top Russian and European acquirers and deliver quick and smooth payment process. Your data is protected by PCI DSS information security standards adopted by industry giants Visa and Mastercards.