A Stablecoin Breakthrough: A Token Pegged to Gold

Stablecoins are still rather a novelty at the cryptocurrency market, so its developers are coming up with new approaches to its main concept – being tied to something physical or fiat. Most stablecoins, like Tether and Gemini Dollar, chose an easy way – they just have a 1:1 exchange ratio with different fiat currencies, mostly USD.

However, a Singapore-based company Digix Global has created something brand new. They pegged its stablecoin DGX to gold. The official site claims:

Using blockchain technology, we represent physical gold with DGX tokens, where 1 DGX represents 1 gram of gold on Ethereum.”

The company has only started developing, but it already has 88100 grams of gold available. The management though is planning to expand the supplies of the platform in the nearest future.

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Bitfury Launches Open-Source Music Platform Based on Blockchain

A UK-based mining firm, The Bitfury Group, has announced that it will launch a music platform which operates on the blockchain technology. This idea is not new, as  many other tech companies also tried to do such a platform.

The platform, named SurroundTM, will become a helpful tool for every musician, as it plans to create a new environment where it is much easier to manage the musicians’ affairs. In particular, the platform will simplify the process of transfer of copyright assets, the user will be able to see his/her output. Bitfury believes that SurroundTM will implement blockchain into music industry much further than anything ever before.

The CEO of the Bitfury, Stefan Schulz, commented:

“There is a very strong momentum for an open entertainment-related blockchain where market participants themselves would be participating in the market venue, not only from a transactional point of view.”

The company has offices in Europe, yet, it plans to expand the service and  establish offices in Tokyo, LA, Moscow, and Seoul. It also seeks the possibilities of providing a digital system for both monetizing and sharing intellectual property.

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Coingecko Publishes Its Annual Crypto Report for 2018

The online platform Coingecko published it crypto report for the passed year of 2018, where it analyzed the most important events in the crypto industry, including the market trends, crypto thefts, ICO news, stablecoins, Bitcoin Cash wars etc.

As for the market tendencies, there is no doubt that 2018 was the year of collapse. The total market capitalization decreased by whopping 78.85%, with the main period of decrease falling onto Q4. Meanwhile, the trading volumes remained quite stable.

Regarding the top-5 coins in the rating, they decreased as follows:

  • BTC – by 73%;
  • XRP – by 82%;
  • ETH – by 84%;
  • BCH – by 93%;
  • EOS – by 66%

The largest crypto exchange by the end of 2018, according to the trading volumes, turned out to be Bithumb, followed closely by ZB.com and Binance.

As for stealing cryptocurrency, the estimated money loss from criminals and scammers amounted to around $867.45 million. The biggest crypto theft was Zaif hack which took place in September and resulted in the theft of $23.5 million.

The most popular blockchain platforms for creating decentralized apps became Ethereum, EOS, Steem and Tron.

The synopsis of the stablecoin development in 2018 looks the following way:

Thus, we can definitely see that though 2018 was a hard year for crypto and there were much more downs than ups, the industry is still afloat and developing. Hopefully, 2019 will be a better year.

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A Video Gamer Received a 20-Bitcoin Donation on Twitch

A video game player under the nickname Sick Nerd received a donation from an anonym in the amount of 20 Bitcoins when playing the game RuneScape and streaming it on the platform Twitch.

Sick Nerd mentioned this on his Twitter:

At first, the streamer received only 4 BTC. He didn’t take it seriously right away, but kept receiving new donations in cryptocurrency. Overall, Sick Nerd became richer by over 20 BTC during his streaming session.

This is the largest crypto donation sent to a video game player ever, and, of course, the largest donation ever received by Sick Nerd (more than 70 thousand dollars).

Cryptocurrency keeps making its way into every sphere of human activity, and video games are no exception. We remind you:

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How To Spend Bitcoin in Real Life?

Bitcoin has had a pretty serious way to recognition of a wider audience in its not very long history. Everyone must have heard the story about two pizzas, which were bought on May 22, 2010 for 10000 BTC. By the way, that was the first official purchase, which was committed with Bitcoin. In these 8 years, a lot has changed. In this article we will tell you about where you can spend Bitcoin, and what can be purchased for it.


  1. Real estate
  2. Cars
  3. Travelling
  4. Education
  5. Other goods and services
  6. Conclusion

1. Real estate

Nowadays it is possible to buy property for Bitcoin in many countries of the world.

  • A building company from the United Arab Emirates, Knox Group began accepting BTC as payment in 2017.
  • One of the largest real estate agencies in New York, Magnum Real Estate accepts Bitcoins from its customers. According to the company’s board of directors, their main goal is not to popularize cryptocurrencies, but to diversify their own assets.

It is worth noting that there are still not many companies on the real estate market that officially accept cryptocurrency as payment. It is connected with uncertain policies on the part of regulators. It is noteworthy that the opposite situation is observed among individuals – every day an increasing number of property owners are ready to sell their property for Bitcoin. Such deals attract people with their speed, reliability and minimal bureaucracy issues.

2. Cars

An increasing number of people are willing to receive payment in Bitcoins in the car industry. And we are talking not only about individuals, but also about large car dealerships. The first official car purchase with Bitcoins occurred in California in the dealer center of Lamborghini. After few weeks a similar deal happened at the Finnish auto show Auto-outlet Helsinki Oy. Elon Musk`s car brainchild also keeps up with current trends. There is an option to make an application on tesla.com, and then pay for an electric car with the help of Bitcoins without any problems.

The majority of all car dealers that accept payment for cryptocurrency are located in the Czech Republic. Of course, there are much more similar offers on the secondary car market than on the primary. And the reasons for this phenomenon here are absolutely the same as on the real estate market.

3. Travelling

Many people, who are interested in cryptocurrencies, have a question: “Where can I use Bitcoin in real life?” Travel agencies, airlines, hotels accept cryptocurrencies most often. The Lithuanian airline Air Lituanica has become a pioneer in this area. It started to accept BTC in 2014 and completely removed the commission in order to popularize such a payment method. The Latvian AirBaltic and the Polish airline LOT followed this example after a while.

Of course, most of the airlines that accept payments in BTC are located in the United States. There is an airline company GuestLogix in Canada, which offers to buy not only tickets, but also other additional services like Wi-Fi, food, drinks for BTC.

But the travelling market is not limited with transportations only; therefore, an increasing number of travel companies that offer a full range of services for BTC, began to appear in this industry.

4. Education

How to spend Bitcoins in educational field? Honestly, there are not so many educational institutions that are ready to accept BTC as a payment, but this list is constantly growing.

The first university, what began to accept cryptocurrency, was one of the largest educational institutions in Cyprus. After that two quiet large educational institutions: King’s College (USA) and University of Cumbria (Great Britain) joined to the digital economy. Just last year, one of the largest universities in Switzerland was added to this list.

5. Other goods and services

As part of this article, it is simply physically impossible to list all the goods and services that can be bought with cryptocurrency now. The matter is that retailers that accept Bitcoin exist probably in any field. Today it is possible to buy anything with Bitcoin: food, entertainment, household goods, hairdresser services etc. Certainly not all cafes or beauty salons accept Bitcoins, but this is not an obstacle. The matter is there are many intermediaries on the market, who are happy to conduct such deals. With the help of such services like gyft.com it is possible to obtain any goods from any seller for BTC, but it is worth noticing that such kind of deals are not always profitable for the buyer.

6. Conclusion

Nowadays Bitcoin is not considered a toy in the hands of a geek. With it, you can buy an apartment, a car, a smartphone, a laptop, a plane ticket, book a hotel room, pay for a dinner, a haircut, a manicure and much more. In 2018, the United States government officially began accepting Bitcoins as a tax payment (in some states).

All of this suggests that the digital economy is getting closer to widespread adoption every day.

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The “Fatal 2018” or The Most Important Events Of The Year

The digital coins market shows a negative trend throughout the year 2018. Compared to the historical maximum, the total cryptocurrency market cap has decreased by almost 8 times. The cryptocurrency market shows a negative trend throughout 2018. During the year, news of the cryptocurrency market that are actively discussed in media, have a negative meaning. Let us recall the most important events that occurred on the cryptocurrency market.

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  1. Banking system against digital coins
  2. Internet restrictions
  3. Bitcoin ETF
  4. Formation of legislation
  5. Attracting of institutional investors
  6. Active development of the OTC market
  7. ICO Market Growth
  8. Cryptocurrency companies entering the IPO market
  9. Integration of financial conglomerates
  10. Integration with Internet companies
  11. Conclusion

1. Banking system against digital coins

At the very beginning of 2018, traditional financial institutions began to limit the capabilities of participants in the cryptocurrency market. A large number of fairly large banks around the world began to close the accounts of companies whose activities are related to cryptocurrency. We may also recall the decision of Visa to terminate cooperation with major European companies. All this adversely affected cryptocurrency companies. But it is worth noting that the restrictions of banks affected not only legal entities, along with this ordinary customers also lost an opportunity to buy cryptocurrency through their credit and debit cards.

A similar policy of the Reserve Bank of India led to the fact that local cryptocurrency platforms closed crypto-fiat trade. In the middle of autumn, Zebpay cryptocurrency exchange was forced to close the cryptocurrency exchange service. A similar situation happened in Zimbabwe, but cryptocurrency companies were able to challenge this decision with the help of the Supreme Court of the country.

Such policy of traditional financial sector representatives speaks only of their concern and desire to get rid of a potential competitor. If to analyze the cryptocurrency market, it becomes obvious that this industry is developing too fast. This makes the financial giants to tremble with fear and uncertainty about the future. This event played a big role in crypto market cap lowering.

2. Internet restrictions

Another damage to the cryptocurrency industry in 2018 was caused by the largest Internet companies: Google, Twitter, Facebook, Baidu, Alibaba, WeChat, Yandex, etc. All of the above mentioned information giants banned the promotion of cryptocurrency and ICO on their sites. This decision caused corresponding consequences, namely, undermined confidence towards the industry, and also cryptocurrency market capitalization decrease. Mining applications were blocked in App Store.

The Internet giant’s representatives explained their decision by the fact that there is a huge number of scammers in the cryptocurrency industry, which trusting users should be protected from. However, just a few months later, Facebook and Google reconsidered their decision and partially canceled it.

3. Bitcoin ETF

One of the most discussed topics in the industry since mid-summer of 2018 is the possible launch of Bitcoin ETF. The fact is that the situation in the cryptocurrency market strongly depends on the SEC decision. We remind you that cryptocurrency market value growth, which occurred in November-December, was caused by the launch of futures at CBOE and CME. Many experts believe that the launch of ETF will be a much more powerful event than the last year’s futures.

But the situation that has developed around this issue is quite controversial. On the one hand, the SEC does not deny the possibility of giving permission to launch Bitcoin ETF. But on the other hand, The United States Securities and Exchange Commission rejects all applicants (or postpones the date of consideration) who submitted the application during the year. The staff of the SEC explain their reasons quite uncertainty.

It is worth mentioning that during 2018 a lot of funds and exchanges have submitted their applications: ITS, Direxion, VanEck, Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust, ProShares, SolidX, etc.

Based on the latest data, the Securities Commission must make a final decision on the ETF before February 27, 2019.

We want to remind you:

SEC Will Release the Decision on Bitcoin ETF in February

4. Formation of legislation

The cryptocurrency market`s fall, which began in early 2018, was caused by many reasons, one of them is the lack of a legislative base. In other words, at the moment the cryptocurrency market is not regulated at all. Just this year, a large number of changes were to occur in this matter. But, unfortunately, everything happened not the way it was expected.

It is worth noting that this year many countries of the world drafted bills, that in one way or another dealt with cryptocurrencies. Some states limited the presence of digital coins on their territory due to the complexity of regulation. Others, on the contrary, encouraged and developed this direction in every way. For example, on July 4, 2018, blockchain technology was officially legalized in Malta for the first time in the world.

At the end of the winter, the German authorities signed a law under which Bitcoin equated to legal means of payment and was thus released from taxation.

This year was the first time in the history of the industry, when the regulation of cryptocurrency was discussed at the highest international level. For example, the mechanisms for regulating the industry became an agenda at the G20 meeting. It was decided to postpone this topic till October, but no one has returned to it thoroughly so far. This also had a negative effect on the cryptocurrency ranking.

5. Attracting of institutional investors

This year, for the first time the entry of large players into the market was seriously discussed. The interest of institutional investors in cryptocurrency assets is confirmed by a survey of an independent consulting company Capgemini:

  • 44% of the surveyed large capital owners are interested in cryptocurrency investments;
  • 29% of the surveyed large capital owners showed high interest;
  • 27% of the surveyed large capital owners expressed moderate interest.

Another interview, which was conducted by an independent consulting company DeVere Group, says that almost 40% of large business owners want to see a list of cryptocurrencies by market cap in their investment portfolios.

6. Active development of the OTC market

The situation on the cryptocurrency market today is as follows (according to CoinMarketCap):

  • market capitalization of 130 billion dollars;
  • 24h trading volume is about 16 billion dollars.

The situation is not the best, to say the least of it. But it is worth noting that the second mark is not entirely correct. The fact is that we see only turnovers that relate to stock trading. According to the company TABB Group, the UTS trading market is approximately 2-3 times higher than the stock index. It should be noted that such transactions cannot be traced when dealing with blockchain, since private keys from wallets are transferred more often than coins.

There is a sufficient number of large players in the cryptocurrency market (large miners, investors, ICO organizers, etc.), who cannot satisfy their demand with the help of exchanges. More and more OTC platforms began to appear due to the growing demand in the industry.

7. ICO Market Growth

Even regardless of depressing mood on the cryptocurrency market, the number of ICO held in 2018 is much more than in 2017: more precisely, 741 vs 514. The amount of raised funds also grew: $18.16 billion vs $6.89 billion.

The most discussed project of this year was undoubtedly TON from Pavel Durov, who managed to attract $1.7 billion. These funds were obtained even without public ICO, and Durov had to refuse from the overwhelming majority of those who wanted to invest in his brainchild.

But if to consider the amount of collected money, the undoubted leader is the EOS project, which managed to raise about 4.2 billion dollars. This mark is the best not only in this year, but also in the entire history of the industry as a whole.

But even such major events as EOS or TON could not help a fading interest of people to invest in cryptocurrency at the stage of the initial coin offering. The situation is caused by a general decrease in the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market in 2018. Because of the downtrend on the market, the vast majority of coins now cost less than at the ICO stage.

8. Cryptocurrency companies entering the IPO market

ICO is certainly a rather convenient way to raise capital, but despite this, many cryptocurrency companies expressed their interest in entering the more traditional IPO market. The initial public offering or IPO is regulated by the SEC. Investors are more protected there and this fact attracts people with large capital.

As of the beginning of December 2018, only one company successfully conducted its own IPO, all the others did not go further than applications or plans announcement for the future so far. In August of this year, there was an initial public offering of Argo Mining Company. It works in a cloud mining field. The company’s results are quite good, it managed to raise $32.5 million during IPO.

9. Integration of financial conglomerates

As we wrote above, some large financial institutions have limited the cryptocurrency industry development by their policies. But it does not concern absolutely all financial conglomerates of the planet. In parallel with the collapse of the cryptocurrency market (financially), we can observe the world’s largest banks integration into the industry (Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Barklays, etc.).

At the very beginning of the year, Goldman Sachs, with the help of a startup Circle, bought one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Poloniex. The official sum of this transaction was not disclosed, but according to analysts’ estimates, such a purchase costed them about $400 million. It is worth noting that, Goldman Sachs invested $136 million in a startup Circle before acquiring Poloniex.

In early autumn the largest financial conglomerate of the land of the rising sun (Japan) Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group started its own MUFG coin in a test mode. If the test is successful, then the representatives of MUFG promise to introduce it into their own payment system.

The Bank of America and other major financial institutions owners in the world got curious in Technology Ripple (xCurrent), which helps banks to save about $3 on each transaction. This year, a number of major banks and the Ripple company signed cooperation agreement. It was highly expected, because xCurrent technology allows banks to save tens of millions dollar a year.

10. Integration with Internet companies

Along with the negative news background that accompanies the cryptocurrency industry throughout the year, an increasing number of Internet companies are trying to integrate digital coins into their product. For example, a few months ago, the Opera browser for Android released support for a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. At the moment, this wallet supports only ERC-20 and ERC-271 tokens, but the developers promise to add support for new types of digital coins in the near future. If to follow the news, it is easy to notice how the above mentioned  event is connected with Bitmain Company`s purchase of 3% of Opera Ltd in the amount of about $50 million (Bitmain Company is the largest manufacturer of network equipment for mining).

The cryptocurrency browser Brave shows good download dynamics: more than 5 million installations over the past six months. This number can be explained by a good program to attract new users, which was launched by the Brave developers. The browser charges 25 BAT for every 2 months of use. That is, for 1 year, you can accumulate 150 BAT, and for 2 years, 300 BAT. At today’s prices, it costs approximately $25 a year, but BAT is rated as one of the most promising coins of the next bull market. According to various estimates, it will enterTOP-10 and grow by from 30 to 50 times. That means, by using this browser it is possible to get from 1,000 to 2,000 dollars in a couple of years.

11. Conclusion

The cryptocurrency market today is experiencing a downtrend. Market capitalization has decreased by almost 8 times, compared with the peak values ​​of this year. As you can see, the general news background is negative this year. But it is worth noting that along with this, the infrastructure in the industry is actively developing, and new institutional investors are coming to the market. The forecast of the cryptocurrency market is not quite clear, but major experts believe that there are still many ups and falls ahead of us.

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The Most Interesting Facts From the History of Bitcoin and the Relevance of Investments in Cryptocurrency

For it’s not so very long history, the cryptocurrency market have “survived” a large number of events. To date, cryptocurrency is the most dynamic industry, the development of which is often compared to a roller coaster. Its great ups are followed by equal downs. In this article we will talk about the history of digital coins, people, who paid attention to them at the very beginning and became rich (and those who were one footstep away from it), we will give you the answer to the main question: “Is it worth investing in crypto now or this ship has already sailed?” So, first things first.

(please, click the topic to scroll down to it)

  1. When and how did digital currencies appear?
  2. How much could you earn if you had bought cryptocurrency in past years?
  3. The most popular stories of ups and downs in the cryptocurrency community
  4. How to buy and store Bitcoin?
  5. When is it better to sell cryptocurrency?
  6. Where can you pay with cryptocurrency today?
  7. How beneficial are the investments in cryptocurrency today?
  8. Conclusion

1. When and how did digital currencies appear?

The day, which is believed to be a benchmark, is October 31, 2008. That was the exact moment when a person (or group of people) under a pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto published an article “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”. There was a detailed description of a working principle of a new decentralized electronic monetary system, where there was no need for intermediaries. Bitcoin network itself was launched in early January, 2009, the first block was found on the same day, the reward was 50 BTC.

At that time, only geeks were interested in Bitcoin, there was no particular interest among investors, funds, and especially government. In September, 2009, BTC received his first rate, which was equal to $1 for a little bit more than a thousand coins. But in several months the situation changed, new versions of the network were being released, vulnerabilities and problems were being solved, and then the interest of the users towards this innovation began to grow.

In 2011, the first cryptocurrency exchange MtGox appeared, it became the centre of the cryptocurrency industry at that time. The rate of the coin went up, it was 5-6 cents for one BTC. But in mid-2011 an incident happened, which slowed down the development of the industry for more than a year, MtGox exchange suffered a hacker attack. However, Bitcoin was unstoppable, since many users around the world had realised that it was not just another financial bubble, but a fundamentally new money format, in which there was no place for monopolies and intermediaries.

2. How much could you earn if you had bought cryptocurrency in past years?

Attention! Reading this paragraph may cause unrestrained urge to tear your clothes, hair, and possibly an attempt to bite your own elbow. We warned you, so we are not responsible for your emotional state. 🙂

Well, in reality, people who bought Bitcoin from 2010 to 2016, are now operating quite an impressive amount of currency.  Let us calculate, what would invested in BTC $1000 become in this time frame, as of the end of 2018. Let us start from 2017 and go into the past year by year:

  • the beginning of 2017 (the rate is about $1000, it was possible to buy 1 BTC), now $3 800, the increase is 380%;
  • the beginning of 2016 (the rate is $430, it was possible to buy 2.32 BTC), now  $8 816, the increase is 881%;
  • the beginning of 2015 (the rate is $313, it was possible to buy 3,19 BTC), now $12  122, the increase is 1212%;
  • the beginning of 2014 (the rate $771, it was possible to buy 1,29 BTC), now $4 902, the increase is 490%;
  • the beginning of 2013 (the rate $14, it was possible to buy 71,42 BTC), now  $271 396, the increase is 27 139%;
  • the beginning of 2012 (the rate $6, it was possible to buy 166,66 BTC), now $633 308, the increase is 63 330%;
  • the beginning of 2011 (the rate $0,05, it was possible to buy 20 000 BTC), now $76 000 000, the increase is 7 600 000%;
  • the first established bitcoin rate (2009-2010) $1 – for 1 000 BTC, it was possible to buy 1 000 000 BTC, now this is $3 800 000 000, the increase is 380 000%. That is the number of coins possessed by the mysterious creator of Bitcoin – Satoshi Nakamoto.

We want to remind you that such investment growth corresponds to the current rate of Bitcoin ($3 800), and not to the December peak, when the price per one coin grew up to $20 000.

3. The most popular stories of ups and downs in the crypto community

Let us start in the major key and talk about those lucky ones, who invested on time and doomed themselves to better lives.

  • Eric Finman
    He is the youngest cryptocurrency millionaire in the world. He is 19 years old and he has 403 BTC, which, according to the current rate, is 1.8 million dollars. He bought Bitcoins, when he was only 12 years old. His grandmother gave him $1 000, which he should have saved for college, but he chose the path of being a cryptocurrency investor. As the time has proved again, he made the right choice.
  • Winklevoss brothers
    These are the brothers, who sued 65 million dollars from Mark Zuckerberg, for stealing their idea and creating Facebook without them. From the total amount of compensation, they took 11 million dollars and bought Bitcoins. At the time of purchase, the coin was being traded for $120 per one coin. It means, that they bought approximately 91 666 BTC, according to the current rate it is 414 million dollars.
  • Chris Larsen
    He is officially the richest man in the world, who has made his fortune from cryptocurrency. He is a creator of the Ripple coin, which is now taking the 3rd place in the global Coinmarketcap ranking. Now Chris’s fortune is estimated at about 8 billion dollars.

There are a lot of people who made their fortune from cryptocurrency, in order to mention everyone, the whole book will not be enough. Therefore, let us move to those poor souls, who was a breath away from wealth, but lost it.

  • James Howells
    He was mining Bitcoin back in 2009 and treated it like a game, since at that time, no one could even dream about such future of BTC. He stopped doing this after a couple of years (at that time there were already 7500 Bitcoins on his wallet) and disassembled his old laptop. In 2013, he was cleaning his house and he threw away the hard drive, on which the Bitcoin wallet was. Literally, a few months later, when the coin reached $1 000, James remembered, that he threw away 7.5 million dollars. At present rate, his hard drive would cost 33.9 million dollars. It is really hard to imagine, what Howells suffered and is still suffering now.
  • Bitcoin pizza
    On May 22, 2010, two most expensive pizza in the history were sold. At that time, the cost of Bitcoin was nominal, and the first miners simply did not know what to do with their “funny money”.  And here, one user under the nickname “Laszlo” wrote on one of the Bitcoin forums that he would pay 10 000 coins to those, who would deliver him 2 pizzas. At that time, the deal looked completely normal, according to those rate, Laszlo did not overpay for his fatal lunch, but later in August, two pizzas cost him $600. As of today, Laszlo bought two pizzas for 45 million dollar.  Every year, May 22, is “celebrated” as Bitcoin pizza day.
  • Anonymous from Australia
    The person wanted to remain incognito, but still he told everyone his sad story. He started mining in 2009 and mined, as he says, thousands of coins (the exact number was not mentioned). After the complexity of the network had grown, he stopped doing this and transferred his wallet to USB-drive. He thought, that if coins were offline, nothing could happen to them.
    When, in the end of 2013, the Bitcoin rate reached $1 000, he remembered about his millions, but he faced a terrible disappointment, the flash-drive went off.

4. How to buy and store Bitcoin?

The sad stories mentioned above about the loss of Bitcoins, leads us to the next very important paragraph, which concerns purchase and storage of digital assets.

You may purchase bitcoins today in many ways:

  • on exchanges;
  • via online exchangers;
  • via offline exchangers (work only in large cities for now);
  • mining (not exactly buying, but still the process of getting coins).

You can store cryptocurrency:

  • on exchanges (the most convenient, but not the safest option);
  • on hot wallets;
  • on cold (hardware) wallets (the safest, suitable for long-time storage, does not imply daily use of assets).

5. When is it better to sell cryptocurrency?

Looking at the chart of capitalization of the cryptocurrency market, you can see, it consists of ups and downs with safety increase in a long-term perspective.

Source: CoinMarketCap

The answer to when it is better to sell coins will differ for a long-term and short-term (speculative) investors.

Long-term investors

Ideally – never. As it can be seen, the upward trend in the cryptocurrency market remains since his emergence. Certainly there are short-term and even more prolonged moments of correction, but historically, the market after them not only recovered, but also took new horizons.

The main piece of advice that will help the long-term investors to get maximum profit implies timely tracking of the news and preserving calm during the correction. There is no need to sell all of your Bitcoins after each statement of some expert that the cryptocurrencies are expected to result in dot-com crash. Such forecasts about cryptocurrency are made either by incompetent people or are a part of market manipulations. The information posted by mass-media should be strictly verified. It is also necessary to keep track of new perspective coins and try to invest into them a small percent of your savings at the earliest stages.

But still there are some cases when a coin should be sold:

  • ordinary scam;
  • not following the Road Map by team, which in future may cause the collapse of the coin.

Short-time investors (traders)

For those, who want to run their own capital, literally every single day, trading is the ideal option for multiplying investments. Here you can and must sell your assets, once there is an opportunity. Sometimes it is better to bear a small loss to put the funds into use and get a profit faster, rather than waiting for income from a drawn out deal. But, of course, it depends on the chosen strategy.

6. Where can you pay with cryptocurrency today?

Today, there is a sufficient number of goods and services in the world, that can be easily purchased for digital coins.  The most important factor here is the government. For example, in Europe, Germany, the Czech Republic, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Holland are the most developed in this regards. Slightly fewer places, where you can pay with Bitcoins, can be found in Bulgaria, England, Poland, Romania. Literally, there are several such places in France and in Ukraine.

In the Russian Federation cryptocurrency is not allowed, but in private you can find a sufficient number of offers to exchange goods or services for digital assets.

In the United States, it is also officially allowed to buy goods for Bitcoin in certain states: New York, Florida, California, Washington, and unofficially similar offers can be found all over the whole country.

Cryptocurrency became quite widespread in Japan, the land of the rising sun. A well developed trade for crypto is in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea.

What exactly can be purchased for Bitcoin?

  • Real estate. Leading developer in the UAE, Knox Group, provides the opportunity to purchase luxury housing for Bitcoins. In New York, Manhattan, you can buy a VIP-class apartment for Bitcoin from the developer Magnum Real Estate. Such proposals are found everywhere, in almost all major cities on our planet.
  • Cars. As well as in the real estate, cars that you can buy using cryptocurrency are a premium class models. The biggest deals belong to the most technological sedan – Tesla Model S. And the country, in which there is the largest number of car dealerships and where  you can pay with BTC , is the Czech Republic.
  • Travels. Airlines are willing to accept payment in digital coins since 2014. Air Lituanica has even cancelled commission if you pay with BTC.
  • Education. The first was one of the universities in Cyprus. Now you can pay for your education in many major universities around the world (King College, USA; University of Cumbria, UK, etc.).
  • Electronics and software. In this area payment with cryptocurrency is common as nowhere else.
  • Other goods and services. Enormous amount of private advertisements which is presented around the world in completely different industries. As it can be seen, the number of places where you can pay with Bitcoin is increasing every year.

7. How beneficial are the investments in cryptocurrency today?

If you take a look at the BTC chart in 2018, you can certainly see an impressive correction and throwback from the peak value by 60-70%. There is no general answer to the question: “When is it better to buy Bitcoin?”, as we might need an ability to predict the future to tell. Everything we can is to analyze the industry for fundamental reasons for increase or decrease.

  • Fact #1 – the blockchain technology is very perspective, as it solves a number of problems (transparency, decentralization, security, etc).
  • Fact #2 – the number of new crypto startups in 2018 has increased in several times in comparison with previous years, it means that even if 1% of them succeeds, this will give the industry a new booster.
  • Fact #3 – in the long-term perspective, all investors are still in a huge plus.
  • Fact #4 – in 2018, cryptocurrencies were discussed for the first time at the G20 and all participants have found that it is pointless to forbid them, they need to be regulated and maintained.
  • Fact #5 – the potential for growth is still enormous, since the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is about $130 billion, while the monetary assets of humanity are estimated at $90 trillion.

8. Conclusion

The cryptocurrency market is developing in a very storming pace; for short time of its existence, it has already generated a large number of new millionaires. Of course, in order to buy a coffee or bread in any shop with cryptocurrency, there is still much more to be done.

Having analyzed tons of information, we can give you an answer to the main question, which concerns the relevance of investment in cryptocurrency. We believe that cryptocurrency is a still very promising area for investment. But it should be done with cold mind and without  counting on early enrichment. You should definitely diversify your portfolio, periodically, copy the data of your wallets on high-quality hard drives (preferably several), learn how to filter the information and not to fall into market manipulations. In this case, the chances of succeeding in this field are much greater.  

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