A Popular Fortnite Player Tfue Is Suing His Gaming Organization
A professional video games player Turner Tenney, 21, known in the gaming world as Tfue, has filed a lawsuit against his agency FaZe Clan, Hollywood Reporter writes. The accusations mentioned in the lawsuit include limiting his professional abilities and development, thus, violating California legislation and the Talent Agencies Act. Moreover, Tfue claims that FaZe Clan takes almost 80% of his income. Considering the amount of money professional gamers receive these days, the sum should be unbelievably high. Tenney and his attorneys are sure that players should have the status and privileges similar to other representatives of the entertainment sphere, like actors or singers.
"Because the industry is so new, there is little to no oversight. As a result, these young content creator/streamers are susceptible to being taken advantage of and exploited - often by those that are supposed to be looking out for their best interests," is mentioned in the lawsuit.
FaZe Clan denied the accusations in their recent tweet. We remind you that the new patch for Fortnite with weapon and gameplay adjustments has been released recently. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coinshark/