A New Type of Account on the Poloniex Cryptocurrency Exchange Does Not Require KYC
One of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms, the Poloniex exchange has developed a new account format with which users can withdraw up to 10 thousand US dollars per day without passing the KYC procedure. Such information appeared on the official Poloniex website. Representatives of the exchange said, in order to receive such an account, users only need to provide their email and come up with a password. Trading is available after checking the email. Users with similar accounts will not be limited in terms of the trading volume. Besides, they can do staking without any problems. It is worth noting that Poloniex customers have long asked the creators of the platform to introduce a similar service. Representatives of the exchange said that developers will update old accounts that have not passed KYC, to the new format in the next few months. Recall that the KYC standard on the Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange was first introduced at the beginning of 2018, but most users refused to provide their personal data. Then in May 2019, representatives of Poloniex announced that all accounts that did not pass the KYC procedure would be blocked. Now we can observe significant liberalization by the leadership.