A New Concept iOS 14 Appeared on the Network
There is still a lot of time before the new mobile operating system iOS 14 release, but enthusiasts are already fantasizing about how it will look. A concept video of iOS 14 has appeared on YouTube. https://youtu.be/Oa19cfJKk6A Here we can see that the icons of standard applications have a completely new design, and with an incoming call, the receive and end buttons will be displayed in the corner of the screen on a panel specially designed for this. To open a new application and drag it into the main space, you will need to use the Dock panel. iOS 14 will be able to fit a few user profiles. The keyboard will have the function of searching for "GIF" to send them to the interlocutor automatically. The user will be able to install any standard applications, place icons on the display in a convenient order, and also hide them completely.