A New Competitor of Apple’s AirPods Is Being Developed by Microsoft
It seems like the famous earbuds by Apple will not hold their quite monopolistic position on the market for a much longer time. Earlier we have already reported that the e-commerce giant was working on a cheaper version of the wireless headphones, similar to AirPods. According to the article of Thurrott, one the largest software producers of the world, Microsoft, is planning to release their own wireless earbuds, which will, supposedly, be called Morrison Earbuds. [caption id="attachment_36687" align="alignnone" width="549"] Source: Thurrott[/caption]

Previous endeavours

The sources, close to the company, claim that Microsoft is very serious about entering the earbud market with a decent product, ready to compete with Apple in quality, technical features and price. The company has already made an attempt to create little wireless headphones. It launched Zune earbuds with an eponymous music player linked to them. However, they did not gain much popularity among the music and tech lovers. Right now, Zune earbuds retail for about 30 dollars, but there is no hype around them.

Why Morrison?

The name of the new development of Microsoft is most likely related to Jim Morrison, a leader of the famous American rock-band of the 1960s, The Doors. Such a name seems pretty logical, given the fact that headphones and music are two inseparable concepts. In the past, Microsoft gave a music-related name to their another headphone set. The Surface Headphones used to be called Joplin, most probably after Scott Joplin, a popular ragtime composer.

Technical features

The sources close to Microsoft do not possess any valuable information regarding the technical characteristics of the Morrison Earbuds so far. All we know is that the company is planning to improve sound insulation and connection between the headphones and the device they are connected to in order to provide more voice-controlled possibilities for users. Morrison Earbuds have not been officially announced by Microsoft just yet, but it’s quite possible that it will happen later this year. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coinshark/