A Member of ISIS Sponsored Her Acts of Terror with Bitcoins

According to the report published by the US Department of Justice, a woman named Zoobia Shahnaz bought Bitcoin and altcoins and transferred the assets to the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world – ISIS.

The report states:

She fraudulently applied for and used over a dozen credit cards, which she used to purchase approximately $62,000 in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies online.  She then engaged in a pattern of financial activity, culminating in several wire transactions totaling over $150,000 to individuals and shell entities in Pakistan, China and Turkey that were fronts for ISIS.

Shahnaz has already confessed her crimes. She is now facing up to 20 years in prison as well as a huge fine.

Maybe, crypto actually can be involved in terrorism. We remind you:

Crypto Will Hardly Ever Sponsor Terrorist Attacks Like 9/11

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