A Major French Seaport Will Use Blockchain to Handle Logistics
One of the largest European economies France is actively engaged in implementing the blockchain technology in various field of activity. Just recently, we have informed you about a retail giant Carrefour that started to use blockchain for its milk supply chain management. According to the report made by PostSEurope, the leading seaport of France and the fourth largest port in Europe, Marseille Fos, is going to apply blockchain for the management of data regarding the transportation of goods through the Mediterranean-Rhône-Saône axis (MeRS) transport corridor. The project was fully supported by local authorities, including the approval of the initiative and covering all the financial expenses. A couple of major French companies partnered up to fund the idea, one of them being Voies navigables de France, a navigation regulator which is in control of most inner waterways of France. The pilot version of the blockchain-based logistics system will be launched to check whether the technology can provide the “fluidity, safety and competitiveness of the chain logistics and intermodal freight forwarding”. The most important goal of the initiative is securing the data on the cargo transportation in order to eliminate the need for a mediator. The technical part of the project was developed by three companies, which separately worked on the blockchain sector, supply chain sector and logistics sector. The trial version of blockchain for managing Mediterranean-Rhône-Saône axis logistics (proof of concept) is going to be launched in June of this year. If the system proves to be efficient, the same technology will be applied to many other seaports in France and later on in Europe. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coinshark/