A list of the Largest Fintech Conference in 2019
The sphere of fintech technologies is developing at a rather rapid pace. Every year a huge number of international professional conferences occur in the world, very important issues are discussed there, as well as a vector for the further development of the industry. It is worth noting that there are quite a lot of such events, but in this article, we will tell you only about the biggest of them. 1.Banking Africa

March 27-29, Zimbabwe

This year the 25th Conference of the Regional Group will occur. The major achievements of the African countries members of WSBI (World Savings Banks Institute) in the field of digital financial technologies, will be discussed at this event. The conference will focus on how the innovative and digital policies of WSBI members contribute to improving the banking sector in the region, as well as the level of financial accessibility for the local population. In addition, the Banking Africa conference will include such issues as open banking and API-interfaces, and how they can improve the banking sector.

2. Efma - Bank + FinTech

April 2-3, Barcelona, Spain

From the title of this event, it is already becoming clear that, basically, issues of FinTech integration into the banking sector will be discussed here. At the conference, it will be possible to find out which banks now occupy leading positions in the matter of introducing innovative technologies. Also, participants will talk directly about the technologies themselves, which are now the priority in the market.

3. Temenos Community Forum

April 2-4, The Hague, Netherlands

The Temenos Community Forum explores a new era of banking. This large-scale event will bring together a huge number of interesting people:
  • heads of banks;
  • industry experts;
  • FinTech developers;
  • and, accordingly, members of the Temenos community.
At this conference, more than 30 experts from various niches in the industry will speak on the latest developments and trends in the further progress of the industry. Also, there will be customer success stories from more than 1,000 banks and financial institutions from around the world. It will be a very interesting and large-scale conference, and if you are interested in FinTech technologies, then you should definitely attend it.

4. Seamless FinTech

April 10-11, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This event is organized for financial companies that operate in the Persian Gulf. Seamless is the largest conference and exhibition of financial technologies in the region. Various topics will be discussed at this event:
  • innovation in payments;
  • mobile FinTech technology;
  • e-commerce;
  • etc.
Seamless FinTech takes place every year, more than 10,000 people take part in this event. Key market players will be represented here (banks, insurance, and commercial companies, government representatives, FinTechs start-ups, etc.).

5. Innovative Finance Global Summit (IFGS)

April 29-30, London, England

IFGS-2019 will focus on key issues that can expand opportunities FinTech today and in the near future. At this conference, you will learn from the leading representatives of the industry about the latest achievements, as well as the problem of the lack of new talents. Also, it will be possible to learn more about the agenda of other events that will be held this year: Green Finance, Embedded Finance, and the Boston fintech week.

6. FinovateSpring

May 8-10, San Francisco, California

Finovate Group is a research and development organization that specializes in innovations in the field of financial and banking technologies. About 1,300 people will attend FinovateSpring. It is planned that more than 60 companies will show their presentations, as well as more than 120 expert speakers, who will talk about banking, payment, credit technologies, artificial intelligence, and experience of working with clients, are waiting for the visitors.

7. Money2020 Europe

3-5 June, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Money2020 is an event that simply cannot be missed because it is here that both FinTech and financial services representatives will be present and together they will discuss how to build the future of money step by step. There will be a lot of interesting people at this conference: from beginning start-ups to top-management of the largest European financial organizations. They will share their own work and develop plans for their implementation. For new developers, Money2020 is a great chance to make new acquaintances that will be able to change the trajectory of their business in the future.

8. Moneyconf

June 10-12, Dublin, Ireland

Every year, for four years, experts of the cryptocurrency market, as well as representatives of the FinTech industry, gather at the Moneyconf conference. This event is organized by the team of the world's largest Web Summit conference. 5000 people from more than 60 countries of the world will take part in Moneyconf. Here you will find interesting lectures, practical seminars, as well as the opportunity to talk with market experts in an informal setting.

9. The Future Of FinTech 2019

June 11-13, New York, USA

This conference will bring together the giants of financial services, representatives of startups FinTech, as well as large investors. They will discuss the future of financial services. If you want to know about the latest trends in this industry, then you definitely need to visit this event. There will be experts from 31 countries and 6 continents (except Antarctica).

10. Digital Banking:

June 19-21, Austin, Texas

This three-day event will be attended by over 1,500 senior executives from various financial institutions, as well as FinTech representatives from around the world. At this conference, there will be a lot of exclusive content, as well as many live demonstrations. Here you will hear the opinions of financial industry experts who will share their views on the future of digital banking.

11. Moneylive

June 25-26, London, England

This conference is primarily intended for senior executives. FinTech experts will discuss how new technologies (AI, API-interfaces, etc.) will be able to change banking. But the main purpose of Moneylive is to enter into new partnerships.

12. Seamless Asia-2019

June 26-27, Singapore, Asia

This conference has a 23-year history. At its first meetings, such “innovations” as the introduction of bank cards or Internet payments were discussed. This is one of the largest financial events in Asia, which will focus on e-commerce, artificial intelligence, mobile payments, digital user identification, and security. This year, more than 350 speakers are expected from 150 different Asian financial companies.

13. MoneyLive Digital Banking Asia-2019

July 2-3, Singapore, Asia

Just a week later, a major financial conference will again be held in Singapore, where leaders of major banks, as well as representatives of FinTechs from all over Asia, will gather. The latest developments from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries in this region will be presented in one place.

14. Seamless East Africa

September 2-4, Nairobi, Kenya

This conference is by far the most important event of its kind in East Africa. “Seamless East Africa” has been held for five years in a row, this year the event will be attended by over 800 specialists in the field of banking, payments, and FinTech from 45 different countries.

15. EFMA Retail Banking Summit 2019

November 6-7, Singapore, Asia

This event is regularly held on an annual basis since 2014. This year's conference will focus on key priorities and the most pressing issues facing the banking industry in this region. At the upcoming event, you will be able to personally communicate with the top leaders of the banking sector and find out what steps they will take to improve the quality of the provided services.

16. Digital Bank LATAM

November 19, Santiago, Chile

Latin American countries are also actively starting to introduce FinTech technologies into the banking sector. This event will bring together leading experts, representatives of the largest banks in the region, as well as private investors. They will share their own experiences and enter into new partnership agreements.


As you can see there are a lot of Fintech conferences in 2019. It is also worth considering the fact that only the largest and most large-scale events take place in this collection. If we wrote about all the events that are planned for this year, then this article would be several times longer. This number of conferences tells us that the Fintech field is only now beginning to grow fast, and in the near future, mobile payment technologies will be entering our everyday life more and more tightly. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coinshark/