A Google Play Scam App Tried to Sell Fake Ethereum for €335 per Coin

google play scam

Although Twitter scams bring crazy amounts of money to their authors, fraudsters also try out new ways to steal money from naive crypto lovers. This time the criminals developed a fake application on the Android service Google Play Store.

What scammers did was absolutely insane: they put up their app with the logo of Ethereum on it and tried to convince users that by buying this app they would receive 1 Ethereum coin. The scam app cost €335 (mind you, the current price of ETH in euro is 246.35).

Crazy as it seems, there were still people that fell for it, about 100 users downloaded the app. Luckily, the app has been blocked and deleted, so there would be no more victims.

We would like to remind you that Google Play is now blocking crypto mining apps.

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