A Cryptocurrency Trading Portal the CoinMarketCap Was Updated
The CoinMarketCap is becoming more and more popular. The portal has recently made it to the top-300 world’s most popular sites. According to the statistics, its revenue is currently estimated at almost $9 million with a little less than 1.5 million unique users per day. Being as famous as it is, the CoinMarketCap still has some strong opponents, like Onchainfx, Coincodex, Cryptocompare etc. Thus, it needs to keep up high standards to stay the leader of the competition. That is why the portal announced about the major release of its systems. A lot of the site’s features were improved to provide users with a better searching experience. https://twitter.com/CoinMarketCap/status/1006915976997343233 The CoinMarketCap has recently launched a mobile version for Apple devices, some of the updates also included this innovation. However, now users are demanding an Android app as well. The portal has had ups and downs throughout its history. Not so long ago, it excluded three Korean exchanges which had been stealing assets from their customers from the site. Such a decision resulted in a price plummet of Bitcoin, Ethereum and some other digital coins, which, of course, negatively affected the reputation of the CoinMarketCap. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coinshark/